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JMA Ventures, LLC Wins Challenge as 3rd District Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Homewood’s Environmental Impact Report on Several Points

HOMEWOOD, Calif. (December 22, 2015) JMA Ventures, LLC, is pleased to announce that the company has won several challenges presented in a lawsuit posed by the California Clean Energy Committee. The 3rd District Appellate Court ruled in favor of JMA Ventures, LLC, which owns Homewood Mountain Resort – noting that the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the redevelopment of Homewood correctly and adequately addressed several areas of concern that impact the environment. In its ruling the court decided that the Homewood EIR:

• Does not need to provide project-level analysis of the potential energy impacts of expanded snowmaking. This analysis can be conducted later.
• Contains an adequate discussion of the project’s energy use
• Does not need to provide further analysis of the impacts of long distance travel to the resort
• Does not need to discuss further the purchase of “carbon credits,” or promotion of rail travel

The Clean Energy Committee lost the original lawsuit challenging the adequacy of Homewood’s Environmental Impact Report in Placer County Superior Court in 2012, and subsequently filed the appeal with the 3rd Appellate Court. The California Clean Energy Committee also argued that Placer County’s General Plan violated State law, but the Court of Appeal – like the trial court before it – rejected that argument in its entirety.

JMA is pleased that the higher court has upheld the lower court’s decision in all but one area. Under the terms of the decision, the Homewood EIR will be updated to include a discussion of an emergency evacuation plan in the event of a wildland fire. Pending that adjustment, the redevelopment of Homewood Mountain Resort is anticipated to move forward within the coming year.

“It is re-assuring that the Appellate Court agreed that the environmental impact report for Homewood Mountain Resort was completed in a comprehensive and thorough manner,” said Art Chapman, Chairman of JMA Ventures, LLC, which owns Homewood. “Preserving this beautiful area is important to us, so we’re pleased that the Appellate Court recognized how hard we worked on important redevelopment elements that impact the environment.”


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