International Hires


Thank you for your interest in our International Hire program! Located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, we’re nestled right in the heart of one of the country’s most popular ski destinations. With ample things to do, discover, and explore, Lake Tahoe is an exciting home base during any season and we look forward to sharing a memorable experience with you.





Accepted Visas: Homewood Mountain Resort is proud to accept both J-1 Visas during winter & summer seasons as well as H2B Visas (only Level 2 Ski & Snowboard Instructors or higher are eligible for H2B Visa employment). Available positions through these two visas will be noted within our job finder below. Please read on to learn more about the details of our International Hire program.


Duration:  Participants must be available to work Mid-March for winter positions and June – September for summer positions. To apply, either search for a position below, or alternatively, apply through the following work and travel sponsors here:


WorkUSE | CCUSA | InterExchange | CIEE | CHI


Weather: Located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, we see both 300 days of annual sunshine and 500” of annual snowfall. Every season is different, and since the ski resort industry is dependent on natural snowfall there is no guarantee for “x” amount of weekly, monthly, or seasonal work . A season with less snow may mean fewer opportunities for work while seasons with more snow may mean greater opportunities for work.


Housing & Accommodations: We do offer employee housing for our first time work & travel students as well as H2B’s (dorm-style accommodations off-site with public transportation). Our employee housing availabilities are first come, first served. The local housing market has scarce rental opportunities. You can check with our Human Resources team for potential leads, but finding appropriate housing during your stay is entirely up to you. We encourage searching for appropriate housing well in advance when you have confirmation of your employment. 


International Policy: Every country is different and has unique policies; we cannot assume that your county will permit you to work and travel with us. It’s your responsibility to be aware of your domestic laws and policy before pursuing a position with us.


Visa Approval: Homewood has no say whether your visa is or is not approved, nor do we have any say if your local government will issue a visa.



Have a question? Contact us at [email protected].