Ski Teams FAQ

Does my child have to attend all the training dates?

No, there is no pressure to attend, it is a non-competitive atmosphere where attendance is when and how often it is convenient for the family.

Will my child be able to “keep up” with the group?

Groups are made to serve the actual skill, motivation, and pacing level of each athlete’s needs.  The point is to challenge, but always with a balance of fun.

What steps does the Homewood Teams program take to make sure the kids stay safe?

Ensuring proper skill development paired with the right terrain, and always with attention to the hazards inherent in skiing and riding is the frame of mind and core value of the Teams program. Homewood enjoys less traffic flows than other area resorts – effectively decreasing exposure to collisions with other skiers and riders, though furthermore, coaches continually train on building awareness and etiquette that kids learn to be safe and responsible skiers and riders.

Is the program geared toward competitive ski racing; do they train on racing gates all day?

No, in short, the Teams program at Homewood is geared around community, making friendships, and learning the skills behind becoming a strong all-mountain skier or rider. There are a number of other area resorts that do have programs that are geared toward competitive ski racing, while Homewood Teams are more about all-around all-mountain all-snow skills development.

Does my child have to have race skis in order to participate?

No, any general ski will do. The skills development side of the program is designed to ensure that your child will learn how to manipulate whatever type of ski he or she is sliding on.

What if we arrive at the resort after 9:00 am start time?

Families that arrive late can sometimes connect with the group on the hill; though often choose to meet up with the team at the regular lunch time (typically 11:30am).

Are the lunches supervised?

Yes, lunch periods are spent with at least one or more coaches to watch over the group.

How can I know how my child is progressing in the Teams program?

The Homewood Teams Program supports a strong culture of parent-coach interaction.  We understand the value of knowing how your child is doing, and therefore the program day is designed to have time on both the front and back end of the day when coaches are available to parents’ questions and inquiries.

What if the weather is bad?

The kids generally learn to shrug off “bad weather” and find fun as part of the spirit of learning to be all-mountain, all-conditions skiers and riders.  Though, when weather conditions compromise safety, practice will be cancelled – with notification in advance whenever possible. Given Homewood’s general wind protection on the west shore, dangerous weather conditions are extremely rare.

Do children still practice when it snows?

You bet!

What’s the best part about the program for the kids?

The relationships and life lessons they make.

What’s your mission with the Homewood Teams program?

Create life-long learners and lovers of the sport.

What if I didn’t find the question I had here?

Give me a call: Bryan Schilling, Resort Services Director (530)-584-6872

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