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Master Plan

The Homewood Mountain Resort Ski Area Master Plan is designed to help revitalize the West Shore and Lake Tahoe with a resort reminiscent of Tahoe and Homewood’s rich historic past.

The resort is designed as a pedestrian-oriented, recreational community center with a strong focus on environmental improvement and sustainable design.

With this plan we will preserve a ski area, infuse culture and community into Homewood again and set a benchmark showcasing how thoughtfully designed redevelopment is the path for Tahoe’s economic and environmental well-being.

What's New
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North Tahoe Fire Protection District issues Homewood Evacuation and Life Safety Report

HOMEWOOD, Calif. (October 4, 2016) This report was commissioned by the North Tahoe Fire Protection District (“NT Fire”) for the purposes of providing an evaluation and clarification of Homewood’s commitments and mitigation and to provide further details as needed for construction standards, fire safety measures, evacuation procedures and shelter‐in‐place concepts to insure that the Project will not result in any significant adverse impacts on wildfire evacuation risks on the West Shore during construction or operation and will not exacerbate any existing wildfire evacuation risks in the Lake Tahoe region given the changed circumstances in the Project Area since the County’s and TRPA’s approvals in 2011.

Furthermore, to accomplish the goal of not exacerbating current evacuation systems for neighboring residents and visitors, this report evaluates Homewood’s commitment to providing areas of refuge to increase life safety protection in the event of a fire requiring regional evacuation, in which residents outside of the Project boundary can find refuge in a wildland fire scenario.

Homewood Evacuation and Shelter in Place Report

Plan Overview
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About the plan: A new approach

The development of the Homewood Mountain Resort Master Plan has been guided by three principles as a result of extensive input from the community.

The Homewood Master Plan will:
Remain consistent with the scale and character of Homewood. Enhance the lifestyle and property values of West Shore residents. Elevate the environmental thresholds within the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Meetings & Input
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Thank you to the hundreds of people who have given us their ideas on how to improve our project during the four-year planning and project approval process.  As a result of your input, we truly believe we now have a project that reflects the values of the majority of the community.

We welcome your continued feedback and involvement in our project.

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If you have any additional questions regarding the Homewood Master Plan, you may email us at masterplan@skihomewood.com

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Check out a short video of the Homewood Master Plan as it’s conceived.