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Homewood Mountain Resort Master Plan Information

Homewood Mountain Resorts approved Master Plan was envisioned in 2011 to maintain the unique character of our mountain while creating a new vision for this key destination on the West Shore. As anticipated with the Master Plan approvals, we will continue to build on the environmental stewardship since 2011, including forest fuels reduction and improving forest health, watershed management via road restoration, improving lake clarity via reduced sediment flows, and ongoing commitments to monitoring the health of Homewood’s ecosystems.

Project Overview

Homewood Mountain Resort’s approved Master Plan’s primary goal is to restore Homewood as the key gathering center of the West Shore for residents and visitors alike. The approved HMR Master Plan replaces aging infrastructure and creates a bed base that does not exist today. Key components of the Master Plan included: 

  • Installation of an eight-passenger gondola to replace the Madden Chair
  • Replacement of the Ellis Chair
  • Improve snowmaking capabilities & mountain maintenance
  • Add up to 225 residences
  • Add a hotel with up to 75 hotel/condo units
  • Add 13 on-site workforce housing units
  • Base mountain facilities with food and beverage offerings, lockers, restrooms, ski school, and a rental shop as well as first aid and mountain administration
  • A new parking garage offering up to 270 day-use parking spaces
  • A mid-mountain lodge with a gondola terminal, which will include a “learn-to-ski” lift, food and beverage offerings, a community pool and sundries

In addition to these key components, we are committed to continuing the environmental stewardship that Homewood has been recognized for, including Golden Eagle and Best in Basin Awards. These efforts include: 

  • $1M investment in environmental stewardship initiatives from 2010-2014
  • Nearly 500,000 square feet of road restoration and 13% land coverage retirement on the mountain
  • Restoration of dirt roads and degraded ski runs that resulted in 40% less sediment going into Lake Tahoe
  • Continued forest fuels reduction and improving forest health
  • Watershed management via road restoration


Homewood submitted a Master Plan Revision to the TRPA in May 2024. In this Master Plan Revision, HMR proposes a few minor revisions to the approved Master Plan to improve the skier experiences, better fit into the Homewood neighborhood, and improve views into the mountain. The proposed revisions are as follows:

  • Optimize the gondola terminal at North Base off of the mountain for easier skier access
  • Realign the gondola path to mid-mountain to reflect the relocation of the gondola terminal
  • Add a gondola car “barn” at mid-mountain to improve the skier experiences
  • Reduce building massing 
  • Reduce residential density
  • Update the architecture to better fit into the neighborhood
Forest Fuels Reduction Project

Safeguarding Homewood Mountain Resort’s environment is our priority, and we work year-round with local and state agencies to ensure the community’s safety. The resort is located on the West Shore, in an area classified as a very high-risk fire zone.

Fire conditions are changing in the Tahoe Basin, with CAL FIRE now fighting more aggressive fires, largely due to overly dense and unhealthy forests. Wildfires in these conditions are difficult to suppress and can potentially become deadly. The crucial Homewood Fuels Reduction Project will help reduce the risk of wildfire spread by removing dead, dying, and non-resilient types of woody vegetation. Timber harvesting aids in alleviating wildfire risk, boosts a forest’s resilience to climate change and improves other forest resources including protecting wildlife habitats, watershed health, water quality and public access for recreation and enjoyment.

The Homewood Fuels Reduction Project obtained approval from the State of California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), Department of Conservation – California Geological Survey (CGS) and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board. In a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board Hearing on Wednesday, June 26, Homewood Mountain Resort received approval for the Homewood Fuels Reduction Project. To learn more, please review the Governing Board minutes provided by the TRPA here.

Community Meetings

Thank you to all who joined us for our community meetings! If you were unable to attend, you can review a video of our presentation to the Homewood Homeowner’s Association from March 14, 2024, via this link. We’re also pleased to include news coverage of the meetings for your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homewood going to be private?

No, Homewood is not going to be private. We will continue to sell day lift tickets, season passes with and without blackout dates, and introduce new platinum passes as a premium offering.

The 2011 Ski Area Master Plan is already approved – why are you changing it, and what are you changing?

The 2011 Ski Area Master Plan was completed at a conceptual level more than 10 years ago. We need to meet current code and safety requirements, support practical operational requirements, and show the minor revisions to the Gondolas path. We are also reducing building massing and refining the architecture. What is NOT changing is access to recreation for the general public as well as all other representations in the existing approvals.

Where can I find the latest information about this development?

You can get the latest information on this project at TRPA.gov under Homewood Resort Master Plan or on this webpage where we will post regular updates. 

When will season passes go on sale for the 2024-2025?

We hope to put them on sale this summer as we receive feedback from the TRPA on the Master Plan Revision, and from the TRPA and Placer County regarding the Gondola permit approval timelines. 

What benefits can everyone expect from the master plan?

The Approved Master Plan will offer an enhanced mountain experience for all of our guests and our future residents. This includes the replacement of the Madden chairlift with an eight-passenger gondola; the future replacement of the Ellis chairlift; and the introduction of new base mountain and mid-mountain facilities, to name a few. The base mountain facility will offer food & beverage outlets, an ice rink, a ski school, a rental shop, lockers and restrooms, and first aid; and the mid-mountain lodge will offer a learn-to-ski lift as well as food and beverage. In the summer, guests and residents can enjoy the community pool and sundries, scenic gondola rides, and summer concerts and events at the amphitheater.

How are you going to price lift tickets, season passes, and parking access?

We will utilize market rate calculations and dynamic pricing like other resorts in the Tahoe basin.

Will preferential treatment to residents or premium passholders be given for parking reservations, shuttle reservations, or use of the day lockers?

No. All of these items will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for all Homewood guests.

Are all ski runs and chairlifts – including the gondola – open to everyone?

Yes, anyone with a valid pass during operating hours.

How many parking spaces are there for day skier use?

The 272-space parking garage will offer 246 spaces with overflow parking available in underground garage facilities at the North Base, making up to 400 spaces for day skier use in total. This is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all Homewood guests.  Parking reservations will be required on peak days. There will continue to be a fee for parking.

What is the next step for the project?

Homewood submitted a Master Plan Revision to the TRPA in May 2024 which represents the proposed site plan changes including the shift of the gondola terminal to a more skier-friendly location at the North Base. The TRPA will review the permit submittal for completeness and will work with the owners of  Homewood Mountain Resort to answer any questions during its review process. Once TRPA completes its review, the “Master Plan Revision to the Approved 2011 Master Plan” will be put on a TRPA Governing Board meeting agenda later this summer.

What permits have been requested by Homewood Mountain Resort (HMR)?

HMR requested approval from the TRPA on three permits: the Homewood Fuels Reduction Project for improved forest health and public safety, the Master Plan Revision to the 2011-approved Master Plan, and a project-level permit for the North Base gondola lift and location shift to replace the Madden Chair.  

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