snowboarder launching off jump

Terrain parks

Hone your skills in the Homewood Mountain Resort terrain parks! Our parks range from beginner to intermediate level providing skiers and boarders with a progressive set of parks scattered across the mountain.

Happy Park
Grom sliding on a box

Everyone needs to start somewhere! That’s what this park is all about – located within the Smart Slopes Beginner Area, first-timers can find an entry-level ticket to the terrain park.

Madden Ridge Terrain Park
Young skier riding over a snow-made bump, alongside his father

Madden Ridge offers unique snow shapes, bumps and rollers to compliment the big views showcased from the Chute trail. Skiers can access this park by Madden Chair, then have the option to take a beginner (Homeward Bound) or intermediate trail back down to the base (Lombard Street).

Lakeview Terrain Park
ski terrain park with lake in the backdrop

The view says it all! Beginner to intermediate level riders can progress their jump & jibbing skills while enjoying the classic Homewood views.

Kolby's Terrain park
skier launching off jump and performing a trick

Kolby’s is the largest park we offer featuring intermediate level park jumps, rails, and boxes.